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If brain matter drooled - it'd look like these words...

So I rarely post in this community. I should. I'm up late all the fucking time.
I think that I forget about it honestly. Not a lot of people post.

Insomnia is such a weird thing. Its inconsistant... so I imagine that most insomniacs aren't up late every single night. If they are - they are probably doing something and its really not a problem. Normally I can do something with my energy but tonight (this morning) its nervous energy. Here is why.

I have Asthma. I recently got infected with something that gave me a sore throat. It could be Strep. It could be tonsilitus. I sing and rap and stuff and I think I may have strained my tonsils and the damn things got infected. Or it could be a combination of everything.

So first thing I need is probably antibiotics. Got them from the Doc on Wednesday. My throat has been sore ever since last Saturday. One full week now... 8 days technically.

The second thing I get for my Asthma is Prednisone. Its a steroid - and also a stimulant. Not technically a stimulant like Caffeiene (at least in my un-professional un-researched opinion) and I've had to ramp up the dossage to keep me from wheezing to the point of hospitalization. Its kind of a guessing game. You don't want to take too much if you don't have to or else you end up like this.

So I think I found the dossage I need to be at - unfortunately - its that dossage that won't let me sleep. Body/brain is tired - unconsciousness is NOT going to happen. So I could be up for the next 2-3 days on this dossage. Could be interesting. I'll read a lot - try to rest. Watch TV.

Unfortunately one of the side affects to the drugs affects me sexually - so I can't masterbate in my deepest boredoms.

I also don't have the concentration to do a lot that is productive... although I try.

~eMpyre ramirex *IS* insane today

P.S. If you are not me try not to be so mind meld melting in minefields that guard the bubblegum reserves.
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